24 March, 2015

Daiso And Me

100 yen  store.
84 cent store.

Anyone recall the 88-cent store?

A sashiko kit!

2 to 5 zips for 100 yen.

Some of my haul.
How did 7,460 yen hop into my basket???

I've never spent that much at the dollar store *ever*.

I could have bought these.

This particular Daiso has the most sewing/crafting supplies.

From decorated binder clips to flamingo pens. Household goodies.
Food. Stationery, Garden, Pets.


My basket.

Sewing, stationery, washi tape.
Some gifts.
Mostly mine.


  1. LOVE the 100 yen shop. LOVE IT!!!
    When I was in Japan for 2 weeks in 2001, I bought so much stuff (was really into Hello Kitty/Sanrio then, plus "Japanese English" items) that I had to ship it home...at the cost of $125.

  2. I have almost reached the point of embarrassing sending of packages home.

  3. My favorite place to shop ! What would we do without Daiso!! That's some cool stuff you bought!

  4. It's fun to see another culture with the same type of store. Have you tried any clothing stores there?

  5. Clothing stops at size 6. Shoes - there is one department store that stocks a few ugly pairs in size 7 & up.
    Very difficult to find clothes my size here.

  6. Oh my gosh - our equivalent (£1 stores) hardly sell any crafting stuff :-(

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  8. Our Dollar stores sell 2 cards for a dollar, and very little crafty stuff.
    I get stickers for kids who come to where I work.
    That's it. Our dollar stores suck.
    I'm in love with Daiso though.


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