29 March, 2015

Hello Kitty and Her Airplane

I found Hello Kitty in her airplane at the airport.

I don't even like Hello Kitty that much but she is cool with airplanes.

I was torn between a hand towel and this canister of ? cookies.

Both light weight but I only need one in my life.

Torn between going off to Naritasan Park to view the cherry blossoms which are going gangbusters today or slacking at the airport.
Feeling a bit lazy after a busy two weeks.

I made this passport cover a few years back for my sweden/Finland trip.

It's sized to hold Euro money.
It worked very well there.

On the left side, pockets for photo ID and credit card with pockets underneath for tickets/receipts.

I don't have to take my passport out most times so it was very convenient.

Most people in USA and Europe use their cards to pay for stuff.

Here, in japan, only somewhat useful.
Paper money is similar in size to American dollars - my passport holder is a bit short.

Also, it's a very cash society here.
Lots of coins.

I withdrew  $200 at the first atm. That's a lot of cash to be carrying around.  That amount would last more than a month back home. I mostly use cash for garage/estate sales and incidentals - important things like coffee.

Except, they don't use cards  here  very often.
I had to rethink my cash needs.

Nippori Fabric Town used almost $150.
Trains/buses/ uses more.

In any case, the conversion rate was pretty simple -- 100 yen to a very pretty dollar.
But you do need to mind your change and give back those pennies (silver color) and nickels ( with hole - don't confuse with other coin with hole) as fast as you get them.

I think I read on Blossom Quilt blog(?)  to bring a two zippered coin purse and separate out right away the good coins from the nearly useless coins.

You can buy one stamp at the 7-11. The hotel doesn't sell them.

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  1. Foreign coins are always confusing! I'm not a great HK fan, but on a plane? That's much better!!!! Love the passport cover, I never thought of making one!


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