19 March, 2015

Asukasa II

Just outside the Asukasa temple on one of the side streets.

Found fabric too. Didn't buy anything.

Tourist shopping on the side streets.

Water ritual.
As near as I could see:
Let the dipper fill, pour some in your left hand and scrub your fingers around.
Then pour some water in your right hand, swish your fingers around.
Then pour some into the cup of your hand and drink.
Then say thank you and bow.

The tourists were drinking straight from the dippers.

My fortune .
#79 Regular fortune.

At the table with all the little drawers is a metal canister.
For 100 yen, you can shake the canister as you are concentrating on your wish.
Out shakes a wooden stick with letters that correspond to one of the drawers.
Open the designated drawer and take out your fortune.

"The moon in morning twilight still keeps on shining,  it means an old man holds young energy too strong in spite of his age.
Talk with tongue entangled by your getting drunk,  but gives no unpleasant impression to others.
There may be a little trouble in your family, but when you believe in god and ask for happiness,  you can get calm down like to be in mid spring fine day.
*Your request will be granted, but don't hope so excessively.
*The patient will get well but takes a little time.
*The lost article appear later.
*The person you wait for will come late
*Building a new house and removal are both well.
*It is good to start a trip.
*Marriage of any kind and new employment are both well."

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