26 March, 2015

Nomura Tailor And Fabric Shopping

If you get fabric cut, you'll want to watch this video below.

Nomura Tailor: https://youtu.be/Js49Dyq0GpI

My photos of this batch of fabrics were taken with inside light - sorry -we're off to awaji island in the morning.

We walked over 12,000 steps yesterday.
We ride the bus to Kyoto station and started from there.

Our goal? Fabric.

1st stop: the teeny,  tiny needle shop
Unfortunately, they were closed.

2nd stop: Nomura Tailor

There are two shops. One has more kits.
There is also a remnant bin halfway back inside the store.

The second is around the corner with three floors; cottons, japanese prints.
2nd floor is knits and dressy garment fabrics.
3rd floor is hardware.
We spent a lot of time on the first floor. This is where I shot the video (link above).
The knits were interesting but nothing jumped out and the prices were $18-26/meter.

Our 4th stop was a wholesale hardware shop so we did not go to the 3rd floor of Nomura Tailor.

This one was fun for purse hardware. They also have fabrics on another floor.
It's where I found the airplane fabric.

Our last stop was a department store near kyoto station.

This one had a really good selection of crafting/sewing books. Both of us picked the same one for fun little projects.

We'd stopped for a cup of McDonald's coffee plus ice cream for Janine.
Fabric buying can be mentally exhausting    so we were getting tired. I forgot to take a photo of the last place and the sack with the name is ready to be packed upstairs.

I will come back to these posts later on my laptop to post links.

This piece is a panel of an older kimono my friend was given.

We found some of this newspaper print fabric.  Janine showed it before on her blog because a friend of hers wrote an article for the Japan Times and there it was -on a fabric!
Also articles that mention McMinnville, Oregon 97128 and another for Redmond OR.

I'm sure it's random. It's actually legible and not written over with grammatically incorrect english translations.

We're off to Awaji Island now.
Just a couple of days left.


  1. I bet you were in seamstress heaven in all those fabric stores! Too bad the needle shop was closed.. I can always find needles I *need*. Safe flight home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love the map fabric, scrub that, love AL the fabrics!!!!


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