23 March, 2015


In my February Mail challenge to help my rural mail carrier out, I received my first Gotochi card.

Highly lusted after in postcrossing circles,   I had never seen one until Connie from 'That Foreign Woman' blog sent me one in an envelope.

Each paste board card features a different prefecture in Japan.
Different shapes define the cards as well as the stylized art.

Nara has the deer, of course, but I was able to get the new goldfish/koi card released last Friday.

Nara sightseeing map with stamps from all the places we visited yesterday.

Each place, even kyoto station, has a stamp if you look hard enough.

I try to stamp my postcards purchased that day too.

My collection so far.

Post offices sell these.
My goal is to get my town to make these.
Put us on the postcrossing map.

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  1. They look great - and I love the idea of the map and the stamps


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