18 March, 2015

Fabric Town

Blew my wad.
Might try to go back at end of trip.
Too much to see.
Too many fabrics.

That's 100 yen a meter folks.
Right when you walk into Tomato.
I saw some really good fabrics too.

100 yen equals about $1.24 or so.
It translates really easy - my Skyliner train cost 4700 yen round trip which is about $47.00
Or so.

The third picture shows fabrics from Finlayson in Finland  at $2600 yen a meter.
Not bad.

Patterns -mostly Japanese.  Some simplicity.
Mostly clothing.

Tomato had some purse patterns - nothing unique.

I found airplane fabrics!
Every shop girl wears a mask. The guys are too cool to wear them. Women man the register but guys hustle the rolls of fabric.

Most stores are multi-storied with narrow pathways thru the rolls and bolts.
Fire hazard? Definitely no americans with disabilities act.

Some fabric kits. Found sashiko in Tomato - all kits I've seen before in Oregon.

Stairwells are used as fabric galleries.
There is an elevator in Tomato but most stores have stairs.
Got a nice glute workout today.
(There are no stairs in canbyland).

The button store.
Just like in Goteberg, Sweden --too overwhelmed by choices to buy.

Make your own mask pattern.
Seriously overwhelmed.


  1. I get so overwhelmed by choice I wouldn't even know what to do in the button store. So interesting! I love these posts.

  2. Ooooo! love all the pictures!!
    Blew your wad? What fabrics did you buy?
    Interesting that there was no new sashiko kits compared to what you've seen in Oregon.
    Have you been to a 100 yen shop yet?

  3. You didn't show us your airplane fabrics? I bet you were in heaven. Did you get any silk? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I tried editing this app and blew my mind out.


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