16 January, 2016

Waimea Bay Surfing

We drove up to Haleiwa today so DD could do some shopping.

Big surf and lots of traffic.

Partly due to continuing rescue efforts for the two military choppers that crashed Thursday night but mostly for big surfing waves.

We finally found a parking spot and walked back down the hill above Waimea Bay.

There was a photographer right in front of us which helped lend scale.

Most of the beaches were closed because of the big surf. Waimea was open because of a surfing competition. Big, giant, powerful waves were all over the beach.

Lots of people, lifeguards, helicoptors from both the military and the Honolulu news.

We're going to get up early tomorrow to see another surfing competition a little north of Waimea.

There was about 40 surfers way out there. My camera can barely get to where the pod of surfers waited.

There were news reporters on jetskis also waiting.

All of the photographers on shore had bazoonga long lens on their cameras.

It is awesome to see the scramble of surfboards, trying to catch the wave for as long as they could.

It was even more awesome to view these giant pipeline waves that look like they could carry houses away.

The next photos are from a little bay where they teach surfing near Haleiwa.

Yes, that's a blue surfboard popping up into the air.

The locals would get past the first breakers on their long boards, then stand up and paddle out to where the bigger second breakers were.

They would use the paddle like a rudder or oar when they caught a wave and were able to ride it all the way back in.

With this phone app, I can't adjust the size of the photos. I think you can tap or click on them to make them bigger.

DS is trying to figure out how to strap the long board from the condo onto the Nissan Yaris - which the rental company calls a compact -similar to a Ford Focus.


  1. Loooove all your vacation photos! Keep 'em coming!

  2. I'm enjoying your Hawaii photos.. I loved living there. Have fun! How long do you get to stay? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Those waves are huge! Hope everyone was OK after the helicopter crash?


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