15 January, 2016

First Fabric

FabricMart in Kaneohe.

The reviewers on yelp said this location was the most friendly . Apparently, some of the other locations can be quite surly although I'd like to ascertain that for myself.

About an hour's bus ride from the condo, I discovered the Kaneohe post office was on the same route nearby as well as a grocery store to buy macadamia nuts to enclose in several packages.

Hubby was playing golf with his cousin at Turtle Bay --which actually never happened because the course was too wet from the rain. { Seriously? No one cancels anything for rain in Oregon }.

DD son & daughter were hiking Koko Head aka railwood ties straight up and Diamond Head.

Diamond Head turned out to be touristy with no available parking spaces (pay) and crowded. They went out for breakfast instead.

I found out TheBus goes straight to Kaneohe and FabricMart. (Fmart.com)

Oahu has an awesome bus system and out on the east side of Oahu it is pretty simple. $2.50 buys you a ticket to people watching.

After fabric shopping - I took some photos upon entering but then got overwhelmed with Hawaiian and japanese awesomeness.

The rest of the photos came from the counter at the post office as I placed them neatly crammed them into a medium flat rate priority box.

The post office was across the street from a grocery store where I purchased some macadamia nuts for two packages.

I sent some of the red thimble fabric to friend in Japan!

It's nice not to carry it around. If you didn't know it, fabric is quite heavy!

Prices at FabricMart were around $3.99/yd - $15/yd.

Very inexpensive. They had rayon blends, polyester blends and cotton.

Most of my fabrics were $5.99/yd or less.

They even had Cotton & Steele brand fabric for $9.95. Cheaper than I can get it in the 48.

I bought 4 yards of this reversible indigo wax print.

Another lady was buying it for Pareos - cover-ups. I loved the striped pattern and that it was reversible.

TheBus was filled - standing room only - with locals and the odd visitor/old person/ tourist. I hardly waited for the bus at all. The DS took the bus into Honolulu the other day - it took two hours and 99 stops.

You just go to Google maps app on your phone and plug in your start point and your end point and it tells you when to get off, when to walk, transfer, GPS, etc. It was very easy.

I had to do P.O. today as Monday is a federal holiday.

My other must-see fabric store is Kaimuki Dry Goods in Honolulu.

We need to send DD back to Anchorage tomorrow night. . .

Yes, there was an airplane print.


  1. Just so you know, I'm glaring at you, through the computer monitor, with total ENVY >:(

    OK, no glaring, but definitely some envy, lol. Great fabrics - especially Snoopy, and the plane print!

  2. I owe someone a bag and we've settled on peanuts theme. I bought the other fabrics at fabric depot. This one was $8.95/yd!

  3. Who else would be in paradise and be taking a bus to a fabric store? LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Nice ! Can't wait to see what you get at Kaimuki Dry Goods! I'm reading your post while wearing a flannel aloha pj top made with fabric from there.

  5. Such fun to imagine being there with you as you go fabric shopping in a tropical paradise.

  6. I should've sent you with a list! Isn't the store great? And yeah, The Bus is a wonderful way to get around. Have fun!

  7. Wow! It must have been hard to choose. All of the fabric looked fantastic! And great prices too!

  8. I think you are really going to enjoy Kaimuki's. Beautiful fabric there. Nice you found some prints you love for great prices. I like the thimble fabric too!

    1. I wish you still stocked your etsy store. DS's girlfriend would love one of your slouchy bags
      I'll talk via email when I get back.


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