17 January, 2016


Haleiwa reminds me of Paia on Maui.

Handcrafted, artsy.

We enjoyed watching an entrepreneur hack open a coconut for us for $6. When you're done drinking the coconut water, you return to the booth and he will cut the coconut meat into small pieces for further enjoyment.

Lots of blooming flowers (winter).



Red Dirt t-shirts.

Locally made (somewhere in HI).I liked the leather trim next to the zipper.

These little 5 x 7" zippy pouches on the table were $$ - can you guess? Leave me a guess in the comments. Closest person gets? Tell me what you'd like to win? Kona coffee? Macadamia nuts? Zippy bag?

The slightly bigger, but still simple zipper pouches were even more. The smaller wallets were about the same price as the zippy bags.

Nice patchwork utilization of doilies and fabric to make a bag.

Squint? Can you see the price on this coffee? 12 oz.


sunrise sunday


  1. Mahalo for the pix!!! Love the leather trim on the zipper too. If you buy Kona coffee, read the label carefully to make sure it says 100%, not 10%.

  2. Those little zippy pouches? I am going to say $22. Although I never dreamed the coffee would be so expensive!

  3. $19.99 popped into my head for the zippy price. I got one of those dirt shirts at a coffee plantation somewhere but it was coffee dyed instead of dirt dyed. Never wore it...

  4. I'm guessing $28 for the pouch.

  5. I'm guessing the Zippy price at $35.00. Not that I'd pay it, mind you! Haleiwa sure has changed since I was a kid!

  6. $39.95 - I'll take the Macadamia nuts! LOL! You lucky person! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Are you getting any sun? Or JUST shopping????? X

    1. My freckles are allergic to the sun. --old saying: "Oregonians don't tan, they just rust." Lol

  8. Friday - January 22, 2016
    Ha! You are all too low!
    Lined 5" x 7" pouch. Strap. No special fabrics.


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