03 January, 2016

Plaid Flannel Fringed Scarf

A couple of weeks ago, I jetted over to Fabric Depot.   I was only there to get a small rotary cutter but ended up with a lot of inspiration as well.

As I was cruising to the side of the store where they keep notions, I spied this glorious flannel and next to it, a project sheet for making a fringed scarf. A collaboration between Sew4Home and Fabric Depot.

It looked simple. I knew immediately who it was for (creative friend) and it turned out to be very therapeutic, sitting on the couch, watching Harry Potter and then Gilmore Girls on Netflix, mindlessly extracting one thread after another to create the fringe.

I was so tired from working so much, that this project helped me be creative without taxing my brain. It probably took about 8 hours to fringe this. This is not a quick project, but it is simple.


  1. The colors are gorgeous! Way to go on making that fringe, which turned out beautifully. *I miss Fabric Depot!

  2. Wow, that is really cool! I can see many scarves in your future. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Beautiful project. I am already thinking of plaid color ways to make this. Although thanks for the warning of how long the fringing takes!

  4. Mindless sewing (or deconstructing fabric) is a great way to relax! X

  5. That's gorgeous - I would never have thought of pulling threads to embellish a project and make fringe - it's quite brilliant!


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