22 January, 2016

1000 Customers on Etsy And Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to my awesome customers on etsy.
I looked at my etsy stats last fall and was quietly surprised that I was so close to 1000 sales since I  opened the sh0p in 2009. I put a concerted effort into realizing my #1000 goal and reached it January 20th.

My customer was ecstatic that I had the vintage pattern she had been searching for and replied, "OMG! Jupiter luck again! That's amazing and I'm so glad I am your 1000th order! Thank you for making this order free! And, thanks to you having this pattern, I can unleash my creative potential. May you have many more thousands of sales! :)"

Jupiter Luck!
Jupiter Luck received everything here FREE for being my 1000th customer.

Missy Jupiter Luck ordered a pattern bundle and I enclosed some sewing goodies as well as some Hawaiian zipper pulls & notepad. I made the zippy bag on right a couple months ago with some japanese silk kimono scraps and put everything inside. On the left-hand side of the photo below a pattern,  I made a quick pocket tissue cover with some fabric I bought in Oahu at Fabricmart.

I was thinking about stopping at the dollar store to see if they had any bells and whistles to put inside the package, but I'm afraid I am still on Hawaiian time and it's all buttoned up and sent now.

I have some of the best customers on Etsy. I've sold online for many years - since before ebay started. Etsy customers truly appreciate hand made and love vintage.

While in Hawaii, I did a giveaway. "How much is a simple 5" x 7" zippy pouch?

It was lined, it did have a strap. Whoever guessed closest to how much that puppy was going for would win something.

I had guesses of $22.00, $19.95, $28, $35 & $39.95.

A no-special-fabric zippy pouch with strap
is $45.00
in Haleiwa, Oahu.

**** And our winner is  ****

$39.95 - I'll take the Macadamia nuts! LOL! You lucky person! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I'll be sending Teresa some Macadamia Nuts tomorrow.

Thank you for playing my pricing game!


  1. Unbelievable about $$$ Zippy Pouch!
    I am so glad you reached your goal of 1,000 customers on Etsy! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations on reaching 1,000 sales. That is so inspiring! Jupiter Luck sounds like a repeat customer, so it's great that she was the winner.
    Congrats to Teresa for guessing the price of that zippy pouch, too. Wowza!

  3. WOW congratulations on your 1000th sale - that's awesome! Congrats Jupiter Luck and Teresa too - I would never have guessed that a regular zippy would sell for that much money - all this time I've just been giving them away, LOL!

  4. I just visited your Etsy site...(congratulations, by the way, on your 1000th sale!) and can hardly believe how many of these patterns I have or have made. Vintage is in! Now I have to go explore some more.

  5. WoooHOOO!! YAY!! Thank you for the Macadamia Nuts! I am looking forward to them. I adore them. And Congrats on 1000 sales on Etsy.. that is pretty amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Kathy, oh I'm such a bad blogger, and have a really crap memory, I have no idea if I thanked you for your lovely package - but Thankyou everything was really lovely, I must do a post about it sometime. I've got a few things for you too but they seemed to get out off and put off during Christmas etc. Anyway I'll try and get it sent off soon! Jillxx

  7. Congratulations to Jupiter luck and Theresa, and to you for 1000 sales!


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