05 January, 2016

I Saw Some Hedgehogs

OMG. Are these stinkin' cute or what?

I saw the pink one at a Christmas Bazaar and finally got around to making a pattern.

In the process of making a couple more in a purple swirl.
I would make more in this blue batik but I just have scraps left (good job, Kathy!)

 They have batting and insulbright inside to actually use these as hotpads.


  1. I love them - the batiks are so perfect for the little guys (and gal) - are there 3 sizes of the blue, or is it just the camera perspective? These would be great for little zipper pouches :D

  2. These are so cute! I love how you handled the swirl! They are even cuter in my hands! Thank you for the gift!!!

  3. Very cute indeed! Great job with the fussy cutting, matching curves. Super snazzy!

  4. Oh wow - I love these! I think Sandra's idea of zips is fab

  5. Those are very cute! I had a friend who had a real hedgehog.. goodness.. they aren't very cuddly.. very spiny!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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