14 January, 2016

Hiking And Swimming

We got up early and drove south to the lighthouse hike.

Awesome short very uphill hike.

This photo above is looking downwards.

Apparently, this is a local mommy & stroller walk. We saw one mommy running her stroller up this 'mountain'. She stopped for a gulp of water and her toddler was all like, "Mommeeee, why are we stopping?" She shouts, "Mommies tired".
And off she goes, pushing that stroller uphill.

About a quarter of the way up, I discovered I'd left my phone (camera) in the car.

I sent the son back down as we were all envisioning a 'Smash & Grab' happening to our car. I knew I'd never make it back up again (steep!).

I'm pretty sure this is why I had kids. Lol.

Smash & Grabs happen a lot at Oahu parking areas and by the time he 'trotted' down, the lot was filled with police cars and two cars got broken into with glass everywhere.

Thankfully, not our rental car.

We continued up to the top and, boy howdy, is it hot to be climbing this steep hill at 8am.

We could see the lighthouse but the approaches were under construction.
DD managed it though.

We decided not to clamber down (easy) to the tidepools because it was obvious you'd have to clamber back up (we are not mtn goats).

Then we drove to the beach at the foot of lighthouse hill and discovered a 'locals' beach. Awesome snorkeling and people watching.

This green leaved plant helps to keep your mask clear & unfoggy

Found some sea glass and tiny puka shells.

We ate lunch at Zippy's in Kailua. Local Hawaiian chain with good local food.

We finished out our day at Kailua Beach which has shade (me!) .

Family beach. Floating in the water, not flashing too many people with our ghostly limbs.

There was a photographer doing a shoot with a Japanese Bride.

And, finally, dinner at the local spot Keneke's. Kalua shredded pork wrapped in poi leaves.

***no sunburn yet.


  1. I wanted to tell you about all the whales we saw 'blowing' and slapping their tails. This phone app for blogspot won't let me edit my post. Seriously awesome whale watching this morning.

  2. I hope you're having the time of your life - after the Christmas (work) you went through - you deserve it!

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time in my homeland. Thanks for the great photos and memories... love the beach glass.

  4. Beautiful beaches. I love how the plant can be used to clear your mask! The food looks amazing as well!!!

  5. Still looking like fun! Shame about the smash and grabs though!


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