20 January, 2016


DS and DD take photos differently than me. In a focused, memorable way that excites me.

They are much more in tune with what other people are doing online on Instagram or SnapChat. Other online platforms that make me feel old trying to figure them out.

My blog is more of a photo-journal 'cuz my memory is going.

I take photos and write from there. And it's mostly to get stuff out of my brain.

Koko Head

They are trying to recreate awesome photos by putting their own spin on them.

They are acting because of a photo they want to take.

pu'u manamana


  1. I enjoyed your kids photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Fun photos! You almost want to make a calendar of you family's Special Hawaiian moments!

  3. That first one is destined to become a family treasure. The curvature on the last one is nifty.

  4. Really enjoyed these pictures! The last photo is awesome but made me squirm! Small ledge!

  5. wow-my comment actually posted...lol


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