28 May, 2015

Retreat Bags For The Great Nieces

 These Retreat bags from Emmaline Bags were super quick to put together. This is a free tutorial on the Emmaline Bags blog.

 There are wire frames that hold the bag open. It's not necessary to have the wires but it makes this bag Super professional. My sewing is never professional - I added handles and I haven't clipped threads nor did I switch thread colors. I had black on the sewing machine and ran with it.

These are for my great-nieces who are six and four. For sure, they will not notice.

 I used two japanese prints I bought at SewExpo over a year ago.
Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood fairy tales as only the Japanese can draw them.

You will notice I used some of my 'new' birthday airplane stripe denim to line one bag. The pink stripe came from Japan and is a remnant from a futon cover.

 You might notice some animals trying to get inside. Another garage sale score about a week ago. An entire bag of really cool animals (no repeats) that will be fabulous play toys for those great nieces.

 When's the last time you played with giraffes?

And I used two more estate sale zippers. The bigger teeth ones. Easy for little hands to pull open.

The Handles were something I added. I stitched them down about 4" from either end. Makes it easier for little girls to carry.


  1. You are so nice and generous to your people! Those are just wonderful! I bet they'll be so very happy with those and keep them forever! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Fab bags! I'm off to follow the link! (I tend to stick with whatever thread I'm using too!)

  3. Love the bags! I hope this comment goes thru- I'm sorry, done times for reasons beyond me- it's so hard to leave comments on your blog. I think the issue is me- because I have Wordpress...

  4. Adorable! and what a score on the plastic animals.

  5. Pinning this post with my other pins that have different things to do with Retreat bags (or those special frames) - adorable fabrics, Kathy, and I like your handle idea :) I also like your comment about the bigger teeth in the zippers being easier for little hands to work -- I sew for a lot of little hands (1 g-niece and 6 g-nephews) and I hadn't thought about that - it makes total sense!


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