04 May, 2015

85 Yen Tote Bag

 I found this piece (3/4 meter) for 85 yen when I visited my friend in Japan. She knows all the secret local yokel fabric stops in Japan. 

I knew I would make a tote bag with it and I sewed it yesterday.

I started with 17" squares and let my sewing  evolve with these free-style cut flower details.

I used a black pleather for the handles and cut the flowers from them. Once cut, I knew I wasn't gonna be able to sew them on - all those tiny curves... Then I decided to use double sided tape, still not quite right. Took a break and about half-hour later, it occurred to me to use buttons. No buttons this weird green (a little lighter than split pea). I finally found my covered button stash.  I'm very pleased with this detail.

 One slip pocket inside. Unusual for me,  I know.
I typically add three or four. This simple tote begged to stop at one.

I was thinking about some closure thingy,
but I'm not coming up with anything that won't ruin the simple lines of this tote.

There's a little Marimekko thing going on with the flowers.

My best thought is to crochet a chain of black and make a bigger covered button....
Or, I might just say, "It's finished."


  1. I think it's perfect just the way it is! Bravo! Very classy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That bag is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love love love the flowers and the covered buttons, the flower print and overall style.
    GREAT job!

  3. Great minds think alike. I got cording and grommets to make a tote bag today. Was rather surprised that even after discounts, they came to over 750 yen. This is going to be one expensive bag when it's done.
    Your bag looks lovely. I like the flower accents and those covered buttons.


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