18 May, 2015

Fox Face Pattern Release

 I was asked to pattern test this Fox face.

That's cuz I'm impressive. Right?
I thought this was cute and easy and I was happy to help.

The fox face is constructed via piecing techniques. Very easy pattern with row three being the most difficult. After you piece each row, then you sew them together.

The pieced pattern is for the face. As in 16 faces - for a quilt. I just had to make one and then decide myself what to make of it.
Making 16 of the same blocks is not my forte.

I like how mine turned out and I thought a reading pillow would be nice.
Looking though my fabric stash, I found this old thrifted white chenille/hobnail bedspread that wanted to lend some fringe to the project.

 I managed to sneak some subtle airplane fabric in on the ears.

You can either sew eyes out of fabric or enhance them with buttons.

 I used the face fabric - a cotton/bamboo blend to sash out the pillow.
I hand-stitched a border of  embroidery floss in orange and turquoise to coordinate.

 Don't you love these old chenille/hobnail bedspreads? My grandma had them on her twin beds when I was growing up.

You can purchase this pattern in Sandra's LimePhosphate Etsy store.

She writes about her first pattern release over on her blog here.


  1. That is just wonderful! You did a great job and I also have fond memories of chenille bedspreads although I never really liked the feel of them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) Thanks again for the jet print!

  2. That's great! Second fabric fox I've seen in blog land this morning!!!!


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