16 May, 2015

Japan Post

Six weeks to arrive.
The last weekend I was in japan, I blew out my suitcase. I mailed 20# home for $50 - on a Sunday.

A lot of my purse hardware was packed inside. These are some that my friend gave me.

A lot of the Daiso hardware too. I took the packaging off some to save space.
I had extra allowable poundage in my suitcase but no space. Good thing japanese post offices don't follow US weekend closure schedules.

A little bit of 'kid in the candy store' as I drew out fabrics.

It's difficult to name favorites . . .

Quilted fabrics.


Kimono scraps.

A little bit like Christmas.


  1. Nice washi tape!

    I too mailed home items from Japan, but that was before I had really gotten back into sewing again, back in 2001.

  2. Oh wow, worth waiting for! I told oldest daughter about your finds in Diaso, and if she comes home from Australia via Japan she needs to find one . . . She only has one in her neighbourhood in Australia!!!!! She doesn't dare go in as its full of tempting stuff!!!!


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