27 May, 2015

Memorial Day Flowers and Sedums



Another Sedum

There's Kale in my salad greens

My Patio view towards the Hangar

Zooming out. Swing is on the right.


 I used to garden under fir trees until we cut them down (falling). Mostly perennials.
I am slowly changing it over to shrubs and trees. Less work, I'm sure.

 The problem lies here. How cute is this columbine? How are you supposed to rip this out of the bed? I am such an easy mark.

 This is the fullness of Spring, all leafed out. Cleaned of weeds.
It is so not a Japanese pruned garden.
My inner self thrives in chaos and wants all the plants.

My goal is to screen out the dry rot view. Getting there slowly as my new trees grow up.
And maybe put some slug bait out so my Hosta leaves aren't in ribbons.


  1. It was fun to see your garden and know how it looks in "real life". It's big! Your garden is very tidy and well-kept compared to our wild thing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. WOW!!! You have so much growing in your yard! Looks great!!


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