09 May, 2015

The Beach

I was able to sneak away to the beach yesterday. 70' and gloriously sunny.

Chalk fabric
Giant industrial Singer
I chose my route to take me past Boersma's in McMinnville. One of my favorite fabric stores.

They do some serious long arm quilting but the have a treasure trove of sewn examples beyond quilts.

And the friendliest staff ever.

These weird jellyfish were washed up on the two beaches I stopped at. Very cool looking.
In a Star Trek way - want to see them on tv, not touch them with my bare feet.

Looking at Mo's Restaurant from across the inlet.
First stop was lunch at Mo's. Home of the best clam chowder ever.
Except, I have to eat plain steamed clams as I cannot tolerate too much wheat/dairy.
poor me, lol.

For Janine, an entire rack of postcards at the local Safeway grocery store.
A postcrossing bonanza.


  1. Great pix! Especially the metallic crab with the jellyfish around it.

  2. I'm so glad you got to do a beach trip! I'll have to visit Boersma's fabric shop.. my sister went to school with a girl from that name. Did you know I grew up in McMinnville? We've been planning a sisters trip to Mac and I'll mention the shop. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Beach AND fabric? Time to go and lay down in a quiet room, far too much excitement for one day!!!! The beaches look beautiful!!'n

  4. More fabric was involved the next day.

  5. Beautiful!! I'll dream of my old home tonight.


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