10 May, 2015

Birthday Fabric

Can you ever have enough fabric?

'My ORE' -upper right. 'Seattle, WA' lower left.
Sewing themed embroidery transfer
These are from Boersma's in McMinnville.

I was recently asked to sew something involving solids. The gal at the fabric store says my version of solids is tone on tone. You can see that in the blue and gray yarn-dyed fabric above. Straight solids are so boring. These will look like solids from afar, but up close, they will have hidden depths.

Plus, I'm becoming a fan of Yoko Saito, designer of japanese taupe patchworks.

Third photo is of infamous hotels which happened to say 'ORE', SEATTLE, WA, & Japan twice - perfect for fussy cutting.
Half is going to japanese friend.

Last photo is of sewing embroidery theme transfers. On sale in the basement.

Pencil Girl and I started our day in the parking lot of Beavertown's Mill End Store.
I had purchased this pattern and fabric on a Craftsy sale two years ago (!) and still had not sewn it up. Pencil Girl offered to tissue fit for me.
In the parking lot.

Very helpful figuring out if I needed an FBA (full bust adj.) or darts or ???

Now I'm all set to cut out my fabric and sew.
{no bets; got 7 weeks of vacation coverage = 12-hr split work days + overtime ahead of me.}

Afterwards, we went inside to find a knit and stretch lace for her pattern review once a month sewing challenge.
She's making a t-shirt with lace over the shoulder part.

I seriously do not know how people shop for fabric online. We touched every piece in that store several times trying to find something that coordinated.

Selfie of us with our j. garden hats.
Is this the seed packet Janine told me to buy - which is all in Japanese?  leaves smell like cinnamon and lemon?
Mill End happens to be next door to Uwajimaya - japanese grocery.
A favorite of mine - there is a book store that sells gifts in the RH back corner.

Pencil Girl gave me this tea set. A coaster and a drawstring bag to hold tea bags. Cute, cute, cute.

We had lunch at Olive Garden, had a truffle at Moonstruck Chocolates and visited a luscious yarn store where we saw muskox yarn at $95/skein.

Teresa's sister brought back some yarn with possum from New Zealand.
I just wonder who gets to gather the hair!

All in all, a very nice birthday, anniversary, and mom's day weekend.

I found this little Moda birdie fabric for Janine at Mill End. Whenever I manage to send off her package.  . . . .

Tomorrow , I've got some baby back ribs planned with some yard work before it starts raining on monday.


  1. So many happy things to celebrate. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Fun to see pictures of you too! I always loved a trip to Mill End. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, pretty choices! I love buying both patterns and fabric...the possibilities are so invigorating. Your time with your sewing friend sounds lovely.

  3. I have to tell my sisters about Boersma's fabric store. About the possum.. they have a terrible problem with possums over-running New Zealand.. so they are harvesting them and using the fur in yarn. I look forward to seeing what you make with the fabric! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Great fabric finds at Mill End. They never disappoint. That shiso is the same as the seeds you bought. Plant them now in containers. They will seed themselves if left to grow in the garden, I think. Yum!
    I picked up a fat quarter of Yoko Saito fabric on sale today, now that I know you like it. I'll keep my eyes open. I am liking those muted Japanese fabrics now too.

  5. The muted colors in her fabrics make great solids for me.

  6. Can't wait to see that butterfly print made up in to a tank. That is going to be so pretty!


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