26 May, 2015

Niece Graduating

 My youngest niece is graduating high school this year.
I mean really! Where does the time go?

 She's off to Westmont College in California next fall so I looked up her school colors and discovered I have next to nothing in Maroon & White.
I definitely have a problem with turquoise colors.

 I made her a zipper Key Fob with emergency money inside and a Zippered pouch. These YKK zips are from my estate sale find a week ago. Got the big ring pull. These retail for over $4 a pop and I get to use them at less than 10 cents a project.

 I filled the pouch with some Oregon State (OSU) Socks - just in case she changes her mind about schools, the key fob, an alligator critter card with the all-important auntie gift (check).

And most importantly, Creative Girl? I ended up not squirreling that pretty ribbon into one of my corners and I actually wrapped niece's gift and tied a bow with the pretty ribbon.
I'm so proud of myself.

And look - the strawberries are turning red.


  1. What a generous and talented aunt you are! Those are neat gifts.. and wow on the strawberries.. in MAY! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I've never seen a zippered key fob--how neat!
    Great job with your garage sale finds.
    What a sweet aunt you are--homemade gifts AND a check to boot. :)
    The strawberries are a delightful color.


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