07 June, 2015

Polka Dot CD Holder For Car

A customer to my Etsy shop contacted me to make a custom CD holder for her car. 
She's got a serious addiction to polka dots going on.

She sent me the following photos to get an idea of what she wanted.

 {I was seriously tempted to add rick rack somehow 
but didn't have any of the giant white. . .}
While I still had fabrics out, I made her a pocket tissue holder too.

I might make another CD organizer - ha! you believed me when I said the fabrics were put away? using just the giant polka dot and the white with mini-black dots and a black gingham I have. Give her a choice.
I can always put  the other one in my etsy shop.

CD organizer tute is here.


  1. great idea! I wonder how small that could be made? Daughter has *loads* of loyalty type cards and can never find a wallet with enough sections, wonder if an adaptation of this would work?

    1. This has peltex inside for stiffness.
      I saw a tute for loyalty cards somewhere that would work better.
      -now to find it...

  2. I like your rounded corners better than the square ones in the tute. Oh, and thanks for sharing the tute, too. That would be a great scrap buster.


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