08 June, 2015

Second Polka Dot CD Holder

Two CD Holders that fit on your Car visor.
I had a custom Etsy order for one.
I sewed up two - letting customer decide. The other one will be for sale in my shop.

 The second one has a bit more polka dots to go with her inspiration pieces.

I found a fabric scrap with a rocket on it. Couldn't resist sewing it on.

Sunday's sewing also included this little scrappy thing. It's to go in a zippy pouch but the fan was not cutting it anymore. Inside the house is now 81' and outside is still above 90'.
The kind of heat that gets you all cranky.
Time to log off  'cuz Blogger is crankier than me today.


  1. Very cute CD holders. Your client is sure to love it! Hang in there with the heat. That sounds miserably hot for sure.

  2. What fun things you're sewing up! We are keeping cool with 2 window AC units.. thank heavens for them! It was 98 today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the rocket addition, and the b&w fabruc are fab - gosh that's hot! We've only just turned the heating off at school!

  4. Really cute CD holder-I love those prints.


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