16 June, 2015

Random Saturday Posted On Tuesday

Backside of PO Boxes. Green lidded tubs are for people who will not pick up their mail.

My initials, randomly placed in order, at the store.

In the mailbox when I arrived home from work and shopping. Guess I know what I am doing July 4th. Lawn tractor races.

Throwback Saturday. One of my favorite photos of our Stearman Biplane.

Son took these with a GoPro camera (out in the windstream!). Hubby is in back piloting.

Farmland below. Yellow at upper left is upper wing. Grey diagonal post at bottom right is wing strut.  Pilot can fly from both seats - Flying alone is always done from back cockpit.


My new smart phone had an unfortunate incident that it may never recover from. I liked the Blogaway app (android) and used it extensively to upload blog posts with lots of photos in Japan. 

These photos are from my old phone - which is still working, However, it can't do Blogaway and my old BlogIt app is in an unbelievable snit.

To get the photos here onto the blog, I have to email myself the photos, then download them, then upload them. Gah.

Good thing I have a homebrew festival (six! of the neighbors are now making their own beer) to look forward to.

 Except I can't drink beer. The grains and barley really bother my poor intestines. Oh well, there's always a sunburn to obtain while timing the tractor races.


  1. Great randoms, shame about the beer :-(. Hope the day goes well

  2. Can't say I've ever been invited to a party where one is to bring their tractor!

  3. Cool pictures! Glad you have something fun to look forward too!


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