26 June, 2015

A Calendar Of Eagles

Got one more week of overtime/long hours ahead then some 'slower' weeks.

 I've been thinking some nice random thoughts so I thought I'd write them down to get  them OUT OF MY HEAD.

 1. I'm no longer the poster child at work {12 weeks of postal drama over being sick for three days at the end of my Japan trip}.
2. Tami is. She had a stroke - at 42!
3. Mgmt says her doctors note is not good. wtf?
4. Do you want to be driving alongside someone who has just had a stroke? Tami delivers the  mail.
5. M girl gave me a calendar of Eagles - I made her envelopes.

6. M girl writes and sends as many, if not more, packages and letters than I do.
7. She is the only thing at work besides customers who makes me laugh.
8. I need laughter.
9. It's frigging HOT. 100'+ tomorrow.
10. Work AC is not up to the job (83' inside when I left).

11. I get July 4th off - two days in a row - a bonafide WEEKEND!
12. Happy July 4th everyone!
13. I've got to clean my garage. When I took the blueberry netting out, it came attached to a couple of mousey nests. eewww...
14. Need to pick the dang raspberries too.
15. Water, water, who has time to keep up with the watering?
16. Did I mention it is hot?

17. My older sis had a stroke at 56 years old.
18. Do you know the stroke symptoms?
19. FAST    Face dropping, Arm weakness, Speech problems, Time - call 911
20. I should make more envelopes. I have the papers.
21. I made some envelope templates years ago.

22. Might sew this weekend. I have a UFO on the cutting table that is 70% complete.
23. Overtime is not conducive to free time.
24. Are eagle feathers still illegal to own? The one I picked up on a beach in Petersburg is burning a hole in my keep box. The eagles nested all over and feathers were a dime a dozen on the beach up there.
25. Our local bald eagle has not been seen this year. (last fall - two of them).

26. A house sold on my airpark and it will have children! That end of the street won't be mired down in crotchety old people.
27. My copy of "Outlander" came up on the library queue.
28.  Guess what I'm watching this weekend? All 8 episodes?
29. I read Outlander twice,  plus Diana Gabaldon's other books.
30. Will the DVD series captivate or disappoint?

31. I want to make some neck coolers. Not sure what goes in them to make them cool.
32. Someone said craft store, other people say plant nursery "crystals".
33. advice?
34. My boy got an extra special scholarship for next year. He is amazing!
35. Women, especially, need to know the signs of a stroke.
36. Take care of yourselves.


  1. Answer to item 33: I use Soil Moist Granules. Big jar from Freddy's, white with a blue lid. Made in USA! 99.7% crosslinked polyacrylamide, whatever that means. You only need like 1/2 teaspoon, so a small jar would be fine, too.
    Bonus hint: Sew a line all the way across at the halfway point of your neck cooler. Fill each side with 1/4 tsp granules, then sew another line about 1/2 way down from the first halfway point to enclose the granules in two tunnels. They don't squish around as much and stay where you want them.

  2. Sending healing energy out to Tami!
    Nice envelopes.
    Stay cool! I'm sitting in my backyard now and it's slightly cool out. But it's going to heat up again tmw.

  3. We *loved* Outlander on Starz. The last episode was difficult, though. Thanks for the info on strokes. Those scare me. I saw a lady yesterday with a wet cotton scarf tied around her neck. I hope you find another job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Weirdly - the wind picked up and it's only 78' - not the hundred they forecasted. Big, thick, humid thunderheads up there too.


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