14 June, 2015

More Heart Pouches

 More Heart Pouches for small things.
Coins, Earbuds, Lucky rabbit foot, whatever.


Two go as gifts - I'll let Connie and Janine pick their favorite.
The other two will go into my etsy shop.

I didn't delve into my new Japanese fabrics, although one came from there in a gift - cute bunny rabbits! The other fabrics are form the small scrap basket, trying to keep going on my new year's resolution of "keep sewing until you use the fabric up". ahem.

I think the Japanese fabrics need to age a bit longer.

Earbud heart tute is here.


  1. I'm glad to see you make more of those! I am happy to have bought mine in your Etsy shop! I love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. They're great! Oh yes fabric needs to mature and find its voice - then it can speak to you and tell you what it's ready to become!

  3. Those are really cute pouches and a nice way to use up those tiny zips!

  4. The heart pouch arrived! My grandaughter was just thrilled that one of grammi's friends thought of her from far away! Thank you so very much!!



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