06 September, 2011

Biplane Rocker

My sister from Minnesota came to visit Oregon a few weeks ago. She found this in the rubbish bin somewhere near her neighborhood. In what might be called a family trait, it was rescued.
She shipped it here where my dad painstakingly put it back together. Her boys helped with sanding and priming.

So this is when I got to see it.

My first reaction? I don't have little kids. And that is still a few years away.

My second reaction? Another unfinished project - because - the seat is broken. Whoever made it cut the seat grain with the fuselage instead of across. The seat split. The back of the seat is half gone as well. The split in the top wing has been repaired.

Third reaction? She intimated that painting the rocker similar to our plane's colors would be cool.

 The fourth reaction came about an hour later as I was driving out to see a friend. The thoughtfulness of coming across an  airplane gift is huge.

Yes- I painted some furniture for the bazaars and sold them and yes - it does take three coats of every color to get it to look right. And there is the upside and then you have to turn it over  and paint some more --so painting it can and will take several weeks. And I know all the guys at Canby Builders. They'd love to suggest the right wood to remake the seat and seat back.

The fifth reaction? How cool is this?

This would make a cool grandma toy. The tail piece moves as does the propeller.  Sure- it needs a little TLC but it will make some kid very very happy. She even took pictures before she took it apart. Painted originally in primary colors with the rocker part just varnished.

Rocket says he's up for supervising.

Thank you for the very cool airplane gift.


  1. That's so cool! You should just hang on to it for visiting kids to play on... including future grandkids ;)

  2. That rocker looks great fun! It is a big job to paint something like that though, but worth it.

  3. That's a big job to paint it but worth the effort I'm sure.

  4. Have Ian and Eric paint the airplane with you or with Dad next time we are in town.


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