22 September, 2011

Ahoy There!

Swimming against the tide  has been my weeks' story. And I know the full moon was last week.
Somehow you get through it. ( I was just e-mailing a friend about some of the techno-trouble I have had this week-- it's like I am the south magnet next to another south magnet on the electronic stuff. Very repelling!)
Just the highlights: My 2002 computer decided to go into a coma yesterday. Still in a frazzle because of the cumulative week's events, I left the house this morning determined not to spend it at home spinning my wheels.
I drove over to my niece's house to see my great-nieces, used her computer to send necessary e-mails, helped Phea pluck a still-warm-to-the-touch egg from Bob (the chicken) and ate it for lunch. They have a second chicken, Spot, who also lays eggs but they are tiny ones. Bob's eggs are the standard large size.

I moved on to meeting Pencil Girl at the NW Quilt Expo where we bought some totally frivolous items and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

 A modern (Indian) Button Blanket. This  was a kick to look at. 
Stapling a criss-cross  pattern became the quilting. Plastic doodads (from your socks, hang tags, etc) ranged amongst the buttons on the border. Lots of grommets for textural interest .
At the top is spelled out "LOON< LOONEY< LUNATIC".

After surviving rush-hour traffic home and wrecks just one minute ahead of me, I arrived home, fresh (lol) and ready to tackle my computer problem. I was able to open my add/delete program and deleted one gigantic 1700MB Garmin file and that alone cleared my computer enough to get it back up to speed. Earlier in the morning, I was able to get onto my husband's side (segregated computer) and start a serious AVG scan where it was determined there was no virus - just NO MORE SPACE.
Definitely a new computer in the near future - maybe for Christmas when I have a kid home to install all those necessary operating programs.

Here's some movies I took yesterday - once I deleted photos on my "Memory card full" camera. (I have other memory cards but they were stashed in a very important place last year when we did the wood floors).
Thankfully, my next set of rechargeable batteries actually held a charge so I could get these take-offs.

And you might as well see two take-offs:
{and TURN the VOLUME up!)

And if you still want to participate in mailing a letter or a postcard or a package to help keep mail delivery you can see this post as to why it even matters.
Thank you.

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