19 September, 2011

Deepwood Estate Vintage Flea Market

My friends, Miss Creative and Lavender Girl had a booth at this Vintage Fair this weekend.
They easily had one of the top vintage booths there with merchandise flying out of their chenille covered canopy.

Only a few of these photos are from their booth. I rather liked this black & red vignette from one of the other vendors.

I really liked the repeating roundness of the old records.

Difficult to get a good photo of the fresh hops hanging down from the booth top 
--- showcasing vintage furs.

Lavender Hill Cottage's Ladies Couch - only $225.

 I loved this vendor's apron. Re-purposed from a couch slip-cover(or was that a duvet cover?).
The apron can be worn long or buttoned up to the waist creating a pouch pocket.

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