10 September, 2011

Letter Writing

Getting something in the mail unexpectedly is one of life's little joys.

A national mail count takes place the last two weeks of September 2011. What does a mail count mean?
This is the primary means of determining a rural letter carriers wages. Each letter, each manila envelope, each package counts towards a formula. The heart of the post office is your rural mail carrier. If there isn't enough mail to deliver, carrier routes and paychecks will get cut.
I am proposing a grass-roots effort to up the volume of mail during the last two weeks of September. I am asking each person who reads this to send one item through the mail.
It could be a postcard to your friend: 29 cents (2012 price 32 cents).
It could be a letter to your mom: 44 cents ( 2012 : 45 cents).
Or, a get-well-soon card to your friend: 44 cents .
It could be a book to your dad: $2.38 Media mail rate(2012: 45 cents).
It could be a small package of Rubber Bandz to your nephew: $1.71 ( $1.95 for 2012)
It could be a huge Priority Flat-Rate package of candy to your favorite nephew: $10.95 ( $11.35 for 2012).
Or a more restrained Priority Flat-rate envelope: $4.95 ( 2012: $5.15).

One item from every person in the United States would ensure the continuation of Rural mail delivery without restrictions for the next four years. Even if only a few participate, every letter counts. Every postcard counts. Every package counts.

If you have ever dreamed on starting your own business or currently own one, chances are - part of it is on the internet. Chances are - you rely on the postal system as part of your delivery system. Please order USPS (FREE!) supplies during this period (free delivery too!).

This is a helpful & funny place to peruse if you have difficulty in starting a letter. The Bureau of Communication is here to help.

Plan on sending your mail during September 15 -28th. The mail count starts on the 17th and continues through September 30th.

Does this have something to do with people too busy to send a letter?  yes.
Does this have something to do with me in the city?   Well no - but your recipient may be on a rural mail delivery route.
Does this really matter in the giant scheme of things?   It's a bit more permanent than a text message.
Is letter writing proven to make life more simple?   no.
Do I need to go to the post office?  Yes, to buy a stamp.
Do I need to send it asap?   Yes. The IDEA is to have mail volume increase during the last two weeks of September. Try to send it between Sept. 15th & Sept.23rd.
Will my mom like getting a letter from me?  No - she will LOVE it.
Will my nephews & Nieces love getting candy?  Duh.
Will this count towards random acts of kindness?  Yes.

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