05 September, 2011

Labor Day Garage Sales

 Scored two DVD's for $1.50 each.
I might be one of the few who had not seen Night At The Museum.
I rectified that with a movie night on Saturday.

 I had been looking for a pneumatic stapler - I found this electric one instead. $5.
Pyrex for 50 cents.

 A big pile of quilt batting, purse-weight batting, fusible batting, etc. $5
This is the sale where I talked the guy into letting me have the Pyrex for 50 cents and a box of ink pens -for free.
When I spied this pile of batting - items I had recently had to buy 
at retail prices at Joann's. . .huge deal.

 This was from the estate sale nearby the Swan Island Dahlias.   A huge make-me-a-deal on Sewing patterns, books, notions, etc. I didn't take all of it but I made a huge dent in their stash. This was from a house that started off in life on a square foundation. A tiny house with kitchen, dining/living room, bedroom & bathroom.  All paid for when the couple married. As money was earned (& babies born), the house was added onto. The daughter running the sale started off in the bedroom off the kitchen, then moved to the next - further out, into the next - further out and ended up in the final fourth bedroom add-on. Each room exited into the next.

 This chenille bedspread was only $2.00. Difficult to resist. 
Every intention of cutting it up to re-purpose it into something else. Only problem? 
I have three of these already. Have I cut into them? no.

 A 12" pile of How-To-Sew Books with master patterns. Stretch -n-sew, Kwik-Sew, Simplicity. How to Sew Bathing suits, Lingerie, Bernina Serger Manual,  etc. 
This was a find - especially the Serger Manual.

Good haul. I think I might have spent just over $25.00

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