03 September, 2011

Surprise! Looking for an Estate Sale

Work interfered with my  plan to garage sale  Friday so after work today- before it got to be 90 thousand degrees, I set off on the hunt for sale addresses and extreme bargains.
Winding my way through the streets looking for neon signs, I stumbled into a tourist trap - in my hometown.
The Swan Island Dahlia Festival (and a biking thing).  Add in narrow roads and you can easily get trapped in a traffic nightmare.
Thanks to living here for over 25 years, I know my way around- AND I found my estate sale.

Picture heavy, as usual:



The Swan Island Dahlia Festival runs all this weekend. Well - you can go out there anytime. There's no admission, free parking, AND a stunning catalog order form that you wander the fields with --checking off your favorites. Sometime next Spring (possibly before you have paid off the visa bill) you will receive your dahlia tubers. With our late spring/summer season, I think you will see the dahlias blooming until late September (en masse)

 Dahlias come in all sizes and shapes -
from tiny quarter-sized blossoms to huge dinner-plate sizes.
Bigger-Than-My-Face Dahlias

(You could pop this off and)  Stick-It-On-Your-Nose Dahlia

Curly-Q Dahlia

An endless row of Curly-Q's

Spiky Sea Urchin Dahlias

Sunshine Water Lily Dahlia

Dinner-Size Lotus Blossom Dahlia

The-Next-Rain-We're-History Dahlia

Fluted Dahlia

Dinner Plate Dahlia

The Sun!-The Sun!   Dahlia

Attitude Dahlia

Pinwheel Dahlia

Looking-For-Airplanes Dahlia

Might-Be-My-Favorite Dahlia

Quarter-Size Dahlia
All names were made up by me - couldn't you tell?

Unfortunately, my rechargeable batteries drained themselves of power in the fields and I had no juice left to show off my estate sale prowess.

Now - if you want to learn a bit more about Dahlia farming - I stole this cool video from the Swan Island site just for you:

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