18 September, 2011

Random Writings.

First of all, the race plane crash at the Reno Air Races involved people we know.
The flying world is small.

I am relieved at the outcome. I never like to know about plane crashes and I refuse to watch the youtube videos of this crash.
I am still stunned on quite a few levels about this crash. I have spoken to the people I know who were down at the races and just hearing their voices has helped tremendously.

Secondly- can I remind you to mail a letter this week? see my post on why.
I cannot emphasize enough why this is  important.

My job with benefits is leaving me with a bit of free time this fall. I am loving it as I can address my health problems a little more in depth and I have been spending more time in my sewing room.
I have a bunch of unfinished projects to show you.  --I  thought to wait until I actually finished one but these are a tad more in depth than my usual quickie projects.
 This is a very ambitious quilted sewing machine cover. I came across it here. Thimble was reviewing a quilting book and sewed one up herself. I loved hers.
It involves squares and log cabin strips. The squares end up wonky because of how you place the blocks.
I am hand-quilting this because I want it to be reversible. I wanted to emphasize these wonky  squares from small scraps of fabrics that tell a story of who I am.  Machine-quilting wouldn't do this plus I was afraid I would muck up the back side which is a fabric I love.
After quilting it, I need to bind it. Still a few hours from being finished.

However - if I had seen it from the book- I would never have made it.  What is it about colors and design that inspire us?


Fresh Quilting - top right - sewing machine cover

Today's quick sewing:
Here is a small clutch purse I made today. I am not overly fond of the resulting bag but feel my second attempt will rectify those tiny problems.
     1. do not use metal zipper just because that is what you have in black.
     2. adding thin cardboard for structure sort-of worked but do we really need those credit card pockets and divider in this small bag? change up the interfacings.
     3. playing with those gathers - I wish there was a bit more of them.

 This is the fabric that is the reverse side of my sewing machine cover. 
Lovely shade of green highlighting old sewing advertisements.

 This is a kindle cover. Never mind that I do not own a Kindle nor am I likely to own one. But I have a friend who might like this. I was entranced with playing around with the gathering of fabric to create another textured textile.  You can manipulate the gathers to highlight the rooster, for instance.

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  1. Hello! Your sewing machine cover is going to be beautiful! It's great to use fabrics that you feel 'yours' because the sewing machine is also very much You!
    Those pouches are also wonderful!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. Thank you for your visits and lovely comments! I wish you can go to Finland!


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