18 March, 2010

Mimic Cream

I did a Whole Foods run today. Something I do about every two months or so. My  local grocery stocks many of my 'alternative' foods now but Whole Foods still tends to bring them to market faster.
Baking aisle: Agave syrup, nut butters
Chip aisle - at the end - it's the CHOCOLATE section
sports bars - Lara bars - reading labels again - can't have the ones with almonds
Past the frozen aisles  to canned goods - there's the tuna.
Perimeter walk to dairy section to see what's new.
Whole Foods stocks canned tuna in water that is actually water.  Label reading - love it or hate it. When the front of the tuna label says "packed in water" - well that should be  - uhh - water. But it typically means packed in a vegetable broth which is derived from soy. Major allergen for me.
And then you come to the chocolate aisle. The house brand '365' has one without soy or dairy that is good and not horribly expensive. They seem to stock something for everyone's 'tastes' (or is that allergen?).

Perusing the coconut milk offerings- did you know there is a coconut yogurt? I must have missed it. I would like to try it.  Next time...
I did see a product called Mimic Cream which is made from brown rice and almonds and supposedly makes a good substitute for cream in your recipes. It whips up and does everything whipping cream does.

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