19 March, 2010

198 Dollars A Yard

I revisited a fabric store I found a couple of years ago walking around Tualatin on my lunch break.
Called Fabric Gallery, it's tucked away behind the hardware store in the middle of town (where the dog food plant used to be >30 years ago!)
At that time, I had picked up at a garage sale, a 3-piece living room set of sofa, love seat and chair.
I had grand plans to reupholster them within two years or I would resell them.
Well, work intervened with no  time off for good behavior and they have sat untended since. Then, last summer, while garage saling, I found another chair and ottoman for twenty bucks. 

The first set is very intimidating - mostly for fabric choices. What would look good on all three? Definite fabric fear.

This latest find is much easier because obviously, you start with the ottoman and a yard of fabric (or so). Not a huge $$$ investment and not much can go wrong with reupholstering an ottoman.
It's got some double welting to try my hand at sewing and some wood refinishing. I like the medium wood tone already - it just needs to be redone. The arms on the chair are really worn.

So now we are at fabric choice time. The one I really really loved at the store is soft and durable and $198/yard. Amazing. 7 yds. is about $1300.00
Ouch. Fortunately, when I got it home, the color wasn't turning me on. Safe for now.
I was thinking of a subtle tone on tone with texture (cheniles) but now I am not sure.
I definitely like the blue-green tones.

There is also Calico Corners and Fabric Depot to check out as well.

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