13 March, 2010

Fresh From The Garage Sale

Today, after work, I felt well enough to try and find the two Canbyland garage sales.
My sister was born in June and sometimes is a little crabby, so this little crab caught me.
Literally, the front claws move!
It's back is hinged to hide some tiny little gift for her birthday?

And the glass bottle next to the crab? Another gift for a creative friend who can turn this kitchy bathroom bottle into very cool art. The shell stopper is so...

 Look what she did with this bottle.

Loot from the garage sale:

Stitchery Yarn Crewel Kits, pompom fringe in orange and red, some fabrics.
The red and white grid at the bottom is a tiny ironing board - about 18" long by 5" wide.
The brown piece at the left hand bottom side? A good size piece of leather @ 25 cents!
The box labeled Dansk? Very thin taper candles. x four boxes.

Nice weather today -- it's a good start to garage saling season.

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