03 March, 2010

Christmas Cheer Rhododendron and Two Weeks Ago

Been busy with allergy issues and the accompanying fatigue. 
Add in more work hours.
Mix in some taxes (nearly ready to sign!) 
A child's birthday (20!). 
Doctor visits. To be technical, naturopath visits.

Only a few smushed crocuses. Every corner is a shortcut!
During our February hot spell(!) I did clean up this corner of old daylily stems, leaves from my gorgeous bloodleaf Maple. I envision this whole space underneath the maple filled with crocuses. Somewhat of a four season corner - with the red leaves budding out after the crocuses, then the whole cascade of leaves until fall, then the slightly bare winter look.

If you can see the tulips coming up - behind the crocuses, these are a dark pink frilly fringe tulip that looks stunning against the new reddish-pink leaves of the maple.
Right behind the tulips are my Stella D'Oro day lilies.


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