21 March, 2010

I Found My Sewing Machine Needles

Now when your daughter goes off to college, I think the rule is to wait two years before you change things up.
The first year, I would go sit on her bed and just miss her. A little thing called instant messenger saved me because sometimes we would be on-line at the SAME TIME.
But then, you know, time marches on, and the second year - while I still missed her, I was beginning to think about a dedicated room for sewing. And crafting, and the problem of integrating her stuff with my stuff.
The third year, I had narrowed my thinking to a twin daybed for when she came home.
And that would leave room for the sewing machine, bookcases to hold fabric, the ironing board and a really cool craft table. My daughter and I traipsed around IKEA one wintery day and took pictures of anything that would work for a craft table.
But the price... I thought about that worktable for an entire year but kept coming back to how perfectly the Ikea one would help me store sewing implements.

Finally - I am at a point of workability and am able to show off how this room is coming together.

12 Drawers: How to divide and conquer? First drawer is for my scissors, and other sharp implements.
Another drawer will house my growing vintage Japanese fabric collection.
These three: Bias tape and trims; snaps are in there for now. second is my knitting/crochet needle collection. and the third is holding leather straps, assorted purse trims, grommets + tools,  and oddly, gold buttons.

The iron will gets its board back. It's a process.   Moving things here, and then there because it's not working.  Eventually with some help from family and friends, I now have a guest slash craft room.
As a last note on this post,  here is another garage sale find that is ready to be used.

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