14 March, 2010

Spa Time in Aurora

I invited a friend to get a foot bath with me this last week. Don't look if you tend to have a queasy stomach.
The foot bath is accompanied by a mild electrical current. The quest? to remove toxins and chemicals from the body. Gravity tends to deposit some of the heavy metals in our feet. Feet have larger pores from which to extract the gooky stuff.

I have never found anything bad about the foot baths. I tend to look  upon it as a relaxing pampering session - all about  my feet.
Do you remember the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? The original one with Gene Wilder? The kid with the cowboy/TV fetish who got Wonkavisioned into the tiny TV screen?   Remember the particles over their heads? That's what the foot bath reminds me of.
These colorful particles start appearing, bubbling up. They are tourquoise, orange, black, & brown.

Anyway these particles start appearing, the water gets murky, things are bubbling and it's different every time.
Mine was lighter and foamier. My friend's was much darker.

The foot bath takes about 35 minutes and its very relaxing. The first time I did one, I brought a book to read and my sudoku puzzle to do. Then I looked down and was mesmerized.
It is very entertaining.

The foamy stuff is supposed to be from cleaning out your lymph nodes. You can almost make out those turquoise spots.
My friend didn't have so much foamy stuff. Hers was much darker. Pretty gooky.

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