07 March, 2010

Cream of Broccoli Soup - non dairy, no wheat.

It's Sunday, therefore I must be making soup.

Today, it's a stab at Cream of Broccoli Soup.
Possibly St. Patrick's Soup.

Broccoli florets were on sale at my Thriftway for .68 cents/lb so I bought two plastic bags worth.
Then they sat in my fridge - umm, seven days. I'm sure that was to age them/ripen them.

A quick look online confirmed that thyme would go well as well  as a dash of allspice.

My recent food allergy panel showed that I am now allergic/intolerant of foods that were fine before.
Like carrots and green beans and almonds.
So soup has become stock, meat & celery. Not fun and totally boring.
I  tried that cream of celery soup with the cashew cream recently and had an iffy reaction. I tried celery root again in a plain chicken soup and again, an iffy reaction.
Undecided if it was too much of the cashews or the celery root or....I wish I could say it gives me a headache but by avoiding certain foods, I've taken care of that daily reaction.

Back to soup thinking:

I steamed my broccoli in 2 cups of chicken stock until nearly falling apart.
I added some thyme - couple of pinches and some allspice (v.1996). Next,  some salt and I was going to grind some pepper into the soup when my hand reached for another recent acquisition. An Italian Herb grinder containing rosemary, pepper, garlic, onion, sea salt and parsley.
I like these grinders as it is more difficult to add unwanted ingredients - like flour to the spices to keep them from clumping.

Then I used my new discovery of coconut milk to help puree it in my blender. I probably used about 2 cups of the coconut milk.
I tolerate an ice cream made with coconut milk and while it has a slight aftertaste of coconut, the soup doesn't seem to impart it. Maybe because the broccoli overwhelms you?

I didn't use a lot of liquid cooking my broccoli, but even though I did add a couple of cups of the coconut milk, the soup came out thick. I wouldn't say creamy, but smooth.

It tastes good, but when I serve it, I'm going to add a pinch of romano to the top - to garnish the soup, mind you.

A few minutes later I added this: good soup.
We are having hamburgers for dinner, so I dished up more soup and cut up my hamburger into chunks and added that to the soup. mmm...mmm...good

Maybe a little TMI.

Another idea? I think I will make this again next week but I will roast the broccoli first.

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