30 March, 2010

Planting Peas. uh huh.

Nearly the same photo of Rusty. The dog is 7 and look how well he minds me!  (Bribed with a tennis ball!)
The crocuses are gone now. The stella d'oro day lilies are lusher. The fringe Tulips have not bloomed yet (May). The weeping Jap. maple is unfurling its  bloodred leaves. Right behind the maple is a varigated weigelia. The tree in this bed is a Coral Bark Maple (Sangu Kaku).  Way behind all that is one of two Star Magnolias blooming (white)- planted in honor of my kidlets.

Garden: Got to plant those peas. Just as soon as I finish turning over the soil.  The fenced area is not a deterrent to the dogs, but it does keep them from running pellmell through all the vegetables,  chasing imaginary trespassers, and indiscriminately pruning. They like to graze at the peas, not to mention the strawberries, and don't even attempt to keep blueberries for yourself.
Come to think about it, they adore the raspberries too. Am I growing all these vegy's and fruits for the dogs?

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