31 March, 2010

Beaver Freezer Triathlon

My child's gonna win.
I am trying to look over the course to see if there is a chance in (the universe) that I can see the end of the triathlon at OSU on Saturday.

Swim 10 laps. Bike 12 miles. Run 3.1 miles.

Later: He came in around 40th. Quite a turn-out. This, apparently, is the first triathlon of the season. Contestants come from miles away (other states!) to compete and see how their training is coming along.

He learned about 'dead leg'. Picture yourself biking for a few miles (12)  and then hopping off and sprinting. He said, "the first 100 yds were the hardest time. It was like running through sand."

Of course, everyone shows up on their $5000 bikes - which can be lifted with one's pinky.
And, don't forget the shaving and buffing to attempt seconds off one's time.

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