08 April, 2017

Spring Embroidery

There you go.
Embroidery done.

I had intended to make this 4 inch embroidery from MollieMakes Magazine into a card or incorporate it into a small frame purse. When I walked into my sewing room, this vintage Hawaiian Textiles print jumped up off the lower shelf and told me I had to make this into hoop art.

The colors and shapes of the leaves and flowers are uncanny in their similarities.

I backed the hoop with some felt from stash, the hoop also came from stash, and it's already packaged and into the mailstream to the person I was thinking about when I was stitching this.

Pruning canadian hemlocks. Vacant bird condo was relocated to a special spot near the front door.
  After our cold, snowy winter, we are enjoying daily deluges of rain, making the ground pretty soggy.

Too soggy to weed.

When a neighbor cut down some trees, I jumped at the free chip mulch. I spread it right over that Artillery Weed - super thick. Now I don't see the weeds but these glorious red tulips.

I call this ecological recycling as the chip mulch didn't have to travel far, thus saving our planet for another day. lol

These happen to be my favorite tulips that survived our gale force windstorm yesterday. I hurried out to take a photo before the storm hit but these are protected a bit by the lilac tree bushes.

Music box on my dash of my car.
My super garage sale find of the week. A treadle sewing machine music box. Still trying to identify the tune - we've all heard it before -- sounds so familiar....

I need to dust it off and spruce it up a bit. The treadle portion goes up and down while the music plays. It's about 6 inches high.

Need more photos of artillery weed? When it goes to seed, the seeds pop off and get in your eyeballs?


  1. OMG that vintage pink floral print is to die for ... and it works so perfectly with the embroidery - those 2 were obviously meant to be together :D The music box is a hoot!

    1. I should make a video of the music box playing once I dust it and see if anyone knows the title of the song.

  2. Bravo on your stitchery project and how you framed it! Where did you hang it? I *LOVE* your music box! You find the coolest things! I want to hear the tune it plays. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It is Buttons and Bows. The Shazam app on the smart phone was unable to identify the song. How did you guess?

  4. What a happy post! The hooped embroidery is the best one I've been, the fabric us a perfect partner and the embroidery hoop is a great frame (I need to look out for some more) the tulip is beautiful and as for the music box - great find!!!

  5. It looks great on display in my Hawaiian themed living room. Thanks again!!


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