15 April, 2017

Easter Basket

I needed a fast gift for Easter.
To hold all the candy.

I turned to my clothesline and 45 minutes later  --Ta Da!
Very satisfying craft.

 I went with pink and purple threads. I wanted the basket to be big enough to hold the candy and tried a racetrack oval for the bottom with success.

I switched out thread and bobbins several times to get the striping and then I wanted the beefy handles at the end - utilizing three rows of clothesline. 

I use my wonder clips to mark the start and end of the handles and eyeball it to make sure they are evenly sized. For this, I find using the white/natural color thread to be useful. If you make one handle super gigantic, it's easy to sew it down more to match without anyone knowing.

I finished it with a swirl and hand-tacked the swirl down. Very nice work.

  We are taking easter dinner over to the sister who is deeply depressed. We're trying for a group - en masse - all six of us - effect.  No pressure - just doing what you do - on Easter.

This will be supportive without being threatening.

I've got a spiral ham and scalloped potatoes in the oven warming up. A pretty tablecloth and napkins, some flowers, and some easter candy for the nephew. 

My pretty tulips despite the daily drizzle. We're all whining about no sun here. Although, I am glad we are not moving house in the daily drizzle (Like someone I know) and this type of winter weather only comes around every ten years or so.

Happy Easter everyone. 






  1. Happy Easter, Kathy - I hope things go well tomorrow with your sister - depression (Depression, more accurately) is a sad and scary illness. I hope she appreciates and is comforted by the support, and I hope your Easter dinner goes well. The basket is awesome!

  2. It did go well. I was very apprehensive over it, but a lot of thought on how to make it less stressful and non-threatening to my sister went into it.
    She is very depressed - off the charts to suicidal.
    I have a couple of friends who have gone through serious depression and we are acting on that advice of being supportive.
    My dad was the star of the show though. He slipped off his dining room chair and fell and couldn't get up. I was outside with my mom and my husband and my sister met us at the door in a panic. She was engaged and alarmed. Not to make light of my dad's fall, but I am hoping this was a good trigger to move her into a better place.

    She rarely leaves her house except for grocery shopping and rare doctor visits. (She had a stroke four years ago). But she came outside onto the porch to make sure Dad was able to get down the steps and into his car for the ride home.

    One of the other pieces of advice was to make the depressed person so angry, they get angry - instead of the flat-line of depression. She was definitely not flat-lining when Dad fell.

    Thanks for caring,

  3. Kathy, your basket is spectacular and the goodies it it look so yummy! I'm glad the day with your sister went well and she responded when your dad needed her to. Let's hope that this will help bring her out of this sadness. Good of you to try an intervention. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤

    1. Thanks, Teresa. (How do you make that flower-heart banner?)


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