30 April, 2017

Sunday Sewing

I needed about twenty more feet of red thread in my bobbin to finish this bag. I've been inundated with images of essential oil bags on the internet. Someone gave me some Doterra samples and the Breathe blend did help when I was fighting the office crud. 

I've made enough zippered bags to try and figure it out myself.

It's a basic pouch with extra padding and little slots to store  your oils upright. I cut a wide (6") strip of fabric that was pretty long (WOF 44") for the slots. I used a scrap of thin batting inside and folded the strip over it. Then I used some 1/4" double wide folded bias tape to bind the raw edges.

I don't have any essential oil bottles, so I used some gutermann thread spools to space my slots.
After sewing the divider lines, I sewed along the bottom edge. pleating the slot flat as I sewed.

I pretty much eyeballed this project as far as sizes go.

Everything was in the right place for when you box the corners to make the base of the bag.
The slots sit on the bottom of the bag which is what I intended but had to guess at the location during construction.

I have enough padded fabric to make an insert to hold some more bottles. This will have a grommet at the corner - if you want to take it out of the bag - you could hook it somewhere.
In fact, it looks like I can get two inserts to fit inside this bag. We'll see.

The rain held off (The Daily Drizzle), so I went out and weeded and pruned for a couple of hours. Made some big piles of stuff that will need to be hauled off to either the compost pile or the burn pile.
 It's supposed to get to 75 or 80' by Wednesday. Woohoo. Then the temperature tumbles back down. But at least The Daily Drizzle is sputtering a bit.

 My other project today was to rip off this binding from the swing awning. I replaced this awning a few years ago and it looks grotty from being outside in the weather. I used Sunbrella fabrics which resist UV damage.

 Here is the awning laid out with the binding curled up in a pile.
The whole cover looks grotty, but I need it for a pattern.

Someone gave me some outdoor fabric which may or may not be sunbrella brand. I am going to try washing the binding and re-use it so I don't have to make new. If I recall, it was pretty dang expensive.

The new cover will be khaki green with this brighter green with big blue Hawaiian? blob flowers for the edge pieces. It's all single layer. The binding encases the flippy part edge (stripe) and helps to weigh it down so it's not so flippy in the wind.

 We'll see how it goes. This outdoor swing was gifted to me for Mother's Day (& birthday!) several years ago. Maybe 15 years ago? So this will be my third time re-doing the awning.

Hosta with Forget-me-nots


Apple blossom

My Bloodgood Japanese Maple is 26 years old and very, very big and luscious. These are the last of tulips to bloom with a little fringe on top.

That's the Stearman poking out of the hangar. Both planes are inside (mostly). The Piper J-5 has it's wings on and will do a first flight here in a few weeks. Lots of piddly things to check off the list before test run ups can be done.

 I was trying to capture this happy happenstance of the  deep purple iris in front of the neon new green of the spirea bush.

 I took these Spring flower photos a few days ago in between rain showers.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. That's a fab invention! I saw the pic on FB and thought you were eyeballing ruffles and thought they were not your usual style!!! This looks really clever! Good luck with the swing cover that looks quite a task!

  2. Clever design, Kathy. This looks like it would have taken quite a while to sew. Loving your mini irises, too.

    1. Not really. Just figuring it out is the longest time. You add everything to your lining piece and then construct the pouch as a normal zippy pouch.

  3. What a neat bag you designed!!! You're the seamstress extraordinaire! What time in the afternoon do you plan to come on Monday? Talk soon! Teresa :-)

  4. I love the idea of adding the small pockets for essential oil bottles. A massage therapist has recommended both the Breathe, and Serenity oils for me. I sleep so much better when I use those just before bedtime. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Happy Sunday indeed (and here I am only 45 minutes away from the NEXT Sunday!) - this is a great eye candy post, and I'm particularly liking your new awning fabric - that is going to be a sunny happy swing when it gets it's new summer attire!


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