03 April, 2017

Half Stitched and Mollie Makes Giveaway

I'm carving out some stitching time. I had some errands in the next town over and ran by Joann's, 'cuz that's what you do when you're out and about.

They had the May issue of Mollie Makes on the rack plus some Portland Timbers' fabric in the clearance bin at $3 bucks a yard.

And weirdly enough, they now carry EOS lip balm and hand lotion. Which my friend's daughter likes. At 50% off with the coupon.

Successful outing on all fronts.

I  enjoy small embroidery projects. I did some cross stitch when the kids were babes. The only thing I got out of cross stitch was to mind how the backside looks - 'cuz people (diehards) look.

I can't quite decide what I'll make with this finished floral heart. I'll either make a card with it or stitch it into a frame purse. Or, it will wallow in the drawer to age it a bit. It's a cute little thing at less than four inches across.

I, ahem, also have an unfinished sashiko project of pretty pink cherry blossoms. It's almost halfway stitched. This is definitely a small space project, suitable for airplane rides up to Anchorage in May to visit my dear daughter.


I read through this latest issue and almost tried my hand at crochet and a fun granny square pattern. I'm in my spring clutter-free mode and I would love to give this magazine away to someone who can use this magazine or just wants a fun read through. It will be missing it's project ('cuz I did do the stitching fun).

All the projects inside are detailed on the cover on the left. Pretty botanical papers in the middle, a cork wallet, that super fun granny square pattern, some awesome felt bakery food items.

If you're interested, I'll ship anywhere in the US or Canada.

Leave me a comment. If you aren't a blogger, please leave your contact email in this format: You(at)email(dot)com.

I'll pick a winner this weekend - April 8th, 2017.

Stitch on!


  1. I'd love a chance at that magazine! Link.marty at gmail.com

  2. I'd also enjoy reading that mag... and would pass it on to Gracie after I read it.. and she can pass it on after that.. with 2 daughters and 5 granddaughters who live with her! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I really like the Mollie Makes magazine. I have the previous month and had fun with the macrame kit. (Thanks vacuuming the lawn!) I would enjoy this magazine, but I think it would be more fun to send to someone who hasn't discovered this magazine yet!

  4. I would love to be able to "that's just what you do" with Joanns when I'm out and about, LOL. It would be my dream "do" :D Until transporters are a real thing, I shall, on as regular a basis as possible, be happy with my 3 or 4X per year Joanns RUNS :D

    That pretty little embroidery shouldn't hide in a drawer - perhaps you could use it as a decorative panel in a vintagey drawstring gift bag :)

    (Thank you for the giveaway and in particular, for opening it to Canada as well - that's so sweet! But please don't enter me - my hands hurt too much for handwork; others would get more/better use out of it than I would)

    Thank you for entering. Congrats Teresa!


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