27 April, 2017

The Daily Drizzle

Purple Lilac dripping

Flowering Currant dripping

Flowering Plum dripping

Mini Iris's dripping

 What do you do when you are getting increasingly irked by The Daily Drizzle.

Oregon has had it's year of ice and snow, which happens every ten years or so. But the rain and gray skies continue. I would give anything for two consecutive days of sunshine. My garden is still so soggy, I think my sweet peas will rot before they grow.

We joke, of course: "Oregonians don't tan, we rust."

Actually, we just fall prey to seasonal something disorder where the gray clouds occupy 100% of our conversations. And you can tell the native Oregonians from the transplanted. Oregonians whine really, really well. (as soon as the UFO sun comes out, we will be whining about the the heat, the glare, the ...)

In any case, I sewed some more cork lip balm teeny zippy bags.
In my RunningWithHandmade etsy shop right now. (If you look at the web page view of my blog, the shop showcases on the sidebar).

This is a great way to use up scraps, especially of my high-priced cork fabric. I'm happy to use up every square inch of this fabric.

I'm even contemplating a blog post listing the Top Twenty Things You Can Sew With Your Cork Scraps. I dislike these lists, especially the sewing ones. The lists are generally not curated, tested, or tried out. I've seen tutorials/patterns on these lists that are a nightmare to sew with poorly written instructions, etc.. The author of those lists is blatantly passing along bad info. 

In order for me to write one of those posts, I would have to try out each entry. No hardship there as I like trying new patterns/tutorials.

Over the course of trying new patterns/tutorials, one acquires lots of hardware. I need to use up what I have. In the photo above, there's just a couple that match.

Cute reproduction 1930's Dogs at play linings.
EOS ball style lip balm pouches

Since January, we've only had a few days with full sun. None consecutive. It's getting on our nerves a bit. Normally, I turn off the heat in our house about April 15th. This year, as we approach May, it's still on.

I think we are finally past the frost date. I recall a few years ago, one occurring on my Mom's birthday of April 19th, but I think we are free and clear - if the drizzle ever lets up.

In fact, this is a fabulous year for all those new people moving to Portland  (173/day) dreaming of getting back to nature, going green, making a difference, actually being an artist and getting paid, etc.

People watch Portlandia and then want to move here to experience Oregon. They slave away at their non-profit dreaming of owning a farm and being one with nature. At five years, they make the leap to getting that farm, usually on five acres (5 acres! lol). It takes another five years to figure out that it is impossible to make money on five acres. That getting back to nature is a 24/7 hell hole of a job, Trying to keep the organics - organic. The animals housed humanely is really all about the amount of manure and where else can you put it.
The never ending rain ought to help clinch this year's hopefuls.

Did you know Oregon has 383 words to describe rain? just kidding, I think.


  1. We had several sunny/puffy cloud days at the beach.. some with morning rain.. but I am also ready for some nice days. I love your little pouches.. will go look at your etsy page. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The little pouches are lovely!!! Wonderful photos of the flowers in your garden. I hate to gloat, but we're having near perfect weather at the moment - sunny, Autumn days - not too hot, not too cold.

  3. Ah yes, the driz...completely understand. Love the little pouches!!

  4. THAT is a list I would like to see - 383 words for rain!!!! We've only had 40% of our usual April rainfall ... at least now I know where it's gone!!!

  5. Oh my I have some of those clasp thingies that are featured on the 6 pack round table collection of zippies - I need to get them out of whatever container they're organized in (or more accurately, organized out of sight in!) and start using them - I think I could whip up a zipper bag or two or three dozen :D

    Our Canadian spring is being very teasey this year. The weather report this evening, said it would be 1C tomorrow morning when the kids leave for school. That's only a degree above freezing! When hubby and I went out shopping today we just wore spring coats and with the crazy wind, there may or may not have been some cursing about the weather. Plus we've had lots of rain too - I should send some to Benta :D The weather report did say that the warm weather WILL come - and of course at that point, we'll start to complain that it's TOO warm, haha!


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