20 April, 2017

Teeny Tiny Portland Timbers Lip Balm Case

  I might have had a moment...
A Portland Timbers moment.

 I made this teeny tiny zippered bag keychain doo-hickey for my daughter for her birthday. It's long and skinny and just right for lip balm.

My dear friends, Wandering Goods, out of Portland make this awesome lip balm out of all natural, non-gmo ingredients, lalalala. They sell at Saturday Market.

A couple of years ago, they scored a huge contract for a national hotel, supplying all their toiletries.
Last year they scored another gig, landing themselves into Safeway, a national grocery chain which is promoting more local, more natural items.

I get the Black Licorice Lip Balm. There is a faint smell and taste of licorice which I love. I've always loved licorice, but I can't have it as I'm allergic to all the ingredients - except licorice.
For a while, licorice tea helped curb the cravings but I find this is my go to nowadays.

And then I went on to sew a few more (now in the etsy shop!), playing with sizing.

This is the first one I made, following this free pattern on craftsy. It would be great for EOS lip balm that comes in a fat ball.


Then I made one longer, following this tutorial for a lip balm pouch.

I liked this one better. Instead of cutting two pieces for the outside and lining, it's all one piece now. With the split piece, you can orientate your directional fabric so both are pointing up (or down).
But I find it doesn't matter. One less piece to cut out. And I like that there is no seam on the bottom on the outside or on the lining.

However, this one was kinda fat for a skinny lip balm.
So I narrowed it down a bit and now it's cool.

You could carry all sorts of small items in these - from lip balm to a bit of cash, to change.

These are so fun!
Very quick to sew.

My info: Lip balm: cut fabric 4 x 5.

EOS size was 3.5 x 5 (x2) joined seam.

Fat tube was 5 x 5.


  1. Very cute - and who couldn't use a new zippy (or 5) for ... well ... pretty much ANYthing! I got some sewing done today, but there were no zippers involved :D I got some today from Ebay, though, so maybe that counts :D Plus I prepped 2 carrot zipper pouches to stitch tomorrow - gotta get my zipper fix somehow ;)

  2. Very fun! I love these!
    "Green is the color, soccer is the game,
    We're the Portland Timbers and winning is our aim!".....

  3. Oh my gosh - unless you have giant lip balms they look very fiddly to make - but fab!!!!

    1. For whatever reason, they aren't fiddly at all.

  4. Those are really cute! I bet lots of young girls would love one of those to hook onto their backpacks. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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