11 April, 2017

Litlle Kitty Sewing

This little project has been gestating for a long time. I can't even recall where I picked up these vintage sewing/home pdf's. They've been sitting inside my computer for ages.

I remembered them last fall. And from there -another five months to make it happen.

I didn't want to do traditional embroidery on a traditional kitchen towel. I wanted to make some thread art with a scrappy feel.

There's seven in the set.

This was my inspiration

 I raided my overflowing scrap basket for tiny pieces of fabric. From the background white to the luscious pale pink for the kitty seamstress.

I used Wonder Under - a double sided fusible webbing to cut and attach pieces. When you iron them down - they don't move as you seam along the raw edges.

 I sewed my kitty down first. I had to re-do her right paw later when my sewing machine covered it up. I added scraps, stitched forward, reversed, forward, reversed again. This took a few hours of squinty sewing.

I used my frixion marker and a pencil to draw and for placement marks. I did learn that my frixion blue pen which is supposed to magically disappear when you iron it did  not disappear on the gray sewing table fabric. It left a ghost line. Good to know.

 I couldn't find a red scrap big enough or the right shade for the rug and in the end went with the thimble fabric. A  more red scrap would have been better, I think. But I like this. It turned out like what was in my head. And it is now out of my head!I also had some fabric stretching/puckering when sewing the letters S-E-W. I tried ironing it out. I thought hooping it would stretch it nicer. Probably one of those things only I can see.

This is a gift for a dear sewing friend - can't name her as it is now winging it's way towards her.

I also feel I am channeling my 70's upbringing making two hoop artworks - one after the other.
I can't show you the backside which is pink felt because I didn't iron it before gluing it down.


  1. How neat that you made something a reality that was percolating in your mind all this time.. bravo! Those are very cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Years ago - actually ... DECADES ago ... my mom embroidered a set of pillowcases for me with kitties that looked exactly like yours. I remember the overall colours were rusty orangey - I always thought she matched them to my hair, but she probably didn't, LOL. I miss having a kitty at my sewing machine - yours seems to be getting that almost impossible perfect 1/4" seam allowance - she's very skilled! ;)

  3. Your thread art is lovely, Kathy. What a great idea for a tea towel.

    1. This would make an awesome tea towel set except for this problem person in the household who wipes his hands and mouth first before washing up. This way, it's hung up and out of reach.

  4. That's awesome! Such a cheerful image! IF you get an embroidery machine you can do appliqué like that with it. It won't have the charm of done-by-hand raw edge appliqué, but if you wanted to go for quantity ...!!!!


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